Sign Up Now for Governor’s Youth Turkey Hunt Event

Youth hunters are encouraged to sign up for the Fifth Annual Governor’s Youth Turkey Hunt this spring. The event is sponsored by the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) and is open to any licensed hunter under the age of 16.

Youth hunters will be treated to a luncheon on Sunday, April 23, at the Waterbury Fish & Game Club, where they will take part in a discussion on the importance of the hunting tradition in Vermont. Fish & Wildlife Department Commissioner Louis Porter will be in attendance for the event.

The following weekend, the young hunters will take part in a guided turkey hunt to coincide with Vermont’s youth turkey hunting weekend on April 29-30.

“I’d encourage young hunters to participate in this event to give turkey hunting a try,” said Governor Scott. “Hunting is an important tradition in Vermont that brings people close to the land and to their food. Youth hunters are crucial to help carry on this tradition and pass it to the next generation.”

Interested youth hunters are required to submit a completed application along with a letter explaining why they would like to participate in the event. Applications are available at and must be submitted by April 8.

“This hunt is a safe and fun opportunity for kids to try turkey hunting under the supervision of a guide and mentor,” said NWTF Vermont Chapter President Brett Ladeau. “Young hunters have a great chance of seeing birds at that time of year. Turkey hunting is especially fun for kids because there is often a lot of action, calling back and forth with a bird.”

“Kids who are exposed to hunting at a young age often become lifelong hunters and passionate conservationists,” said Fish & Wildlife Department wild turkey project leader Amy Alfieri. “They gain a strong appreciation for where their food comes from, and they understand the importance of healthy habitat for wildlife.”

An initiative of the Vermont State Chapter of the NWTF, the Governor’s Youth Turkey Hunt coincides with this year’s Jakes’ Day, an annual youth turkey hunting event held by the NWTF to educate youth about wildlife conservation and stewardship of Vermont’s natural resources. Each youth hunter will be provided a guide from the NWTF. Previous hunting experience is not required to participate.