South Carolina Hunters for the Hungry Seeking Volunteers

Recent statistics tell us that 1 in 7 South Carolinians are food challenged and that 1 in 5 of those are children. We also know that 48% of all SNAP recipients have children in their families.

SCHFH, a 501c3 nonprofit that is 100% volunteer driven, believes we can help in solving this hunger problem in our state. In making this our mission since 2004, we have supplied over 500,000 pounds of harvested wild game in many areas of S.C., and we know the good sportsmen and women of SC can help us accomplish more in this mission.

In the last year, the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) recognized our good work and has partnered with us to begin efforts in expanding our outreach statewide. In response, SCHFH introduced Operation Round-Up where we asked hunters to donate all or part of their harvest back to SCHFH through a local processor. The processor would then contact us to distribute this meat to non-profits throughout the state.

As there are 46 counties in our state, this is a huge task that requires additional manpower and resources. Therefore, we are looking for volunteers in every county to help us feed the needy people in our state. As a volunteer, you would be asked to perform the following tasks in your county/region:

• Educate your community about the hunger crisis in our state as well as, the efforts of SCHFH

• Contact processors and nonprofits in your area to acquire and distribute meat

• Solicit and raise funding for the purposes of reimbursing processors for their costs as they donate meat for our mission

• Keep records of the amount of meat and the agencies served in your area

Please consider becoming a volunteer for SCHFH in your community and become part of helping those in your communities who are truly hungry. For more information or answers to any questions please contact Tim Sorrells at or Bob Williams at