Still time to enter Nebraska Super Tag lottery

This fall, you could be hunting four big game species — elk, deer, antelope and turkey —on a single permit! Don’t miss your chance at this special opportunity: Enter the Super Tag lottery before it closes July 2.

The lucky winner will enjoy a shot at a much-coveted elk (even if you’ve already drawn a bull elk tag), and will stay busy all season in pursuit of multiple popular big game species.

Ready to enter? For just $25, Nebraska residents can apply to a single-entry lottery. Or, increase your odds and try the multiple-entry lottery, which is open to both residents and nonresidents.

Don’t forget, we also offer a lottery for the Combo permit, which includes tags for deer, antelope and turkey!

What are you waiting for? Take your shot — or apply for a friend or family member. It’s a gift of hunting opportunities they won’t forget!