Students lend helping hand in CWD monitoring

MADISON – Members of Osseo-Fairchild FFA, led by Agriculture and Science instructor Eric Boettcher, built three CWD head-collection kiosks to help Department of Natural Resources staff monitor the disease in northern Wisconsin.

“Being able to team up with DNR staff to help determine CWD’s effects in the Osseo-Fairchild area is a great learning experience for the school and the FFA,” said Eric Boettcher, Agriculture and Science teacher at Osseo-Fairchild middle and high school. “This is a great way for students to take an invested interest in a program.”

Not only did Boettcher’s students construct the kiosks, they will also monitor one kiosk at the Farichild C-Store. In addition to providing for drop-off availability with kiosks, FFA members at Osseo-Fairchild schools will also collect heads for sampling at this site during opening weekend of the nine-day gun deer hunt. While this is just one example, Wisconsin’s citizens and cooperators have continued to play a pivotal role in CWD sampling efforts in Wisconsin. Department staff would like to thank all participants and collection cooperators for their efforts.

CWD sampling will be offered at various locations throughout southern, central, & northern Wisconsin. For information regarding where to submit a deer for sampling, search keywords “CWD sampling” or contact the DNR call center at 888-936-7463. Hunters are reminded to contact sampling stations in advance to verify hours of operation.