Take your shot at the Nebraska Duck Slam

Duck season isn’t over yet, and neither is the Nebraska Duck Slam! There is still time to get in on this fun hunting challenge — and potentially win prizes, too.

The challenge consists of harvesting four birds in Nebraska, a teal (blue-winged or green-winged) of either sex, as well as drakes of three other species: an American wigeon, a mallard and a northern pintail.

The best part is, you don’t need to complete the Slam to win something. Only one harvest is needed to be eligible for prizes, including Ducks Unlimited hunting gear and memberships. Those who complete the slam will also be entered into our grand prize drawing for a Special Edition Ducks Unlimited Franchi Elite 20GA shotgun.

Take this as the excuse you’ve been waiting for to spend more time in the field, and see how far your hunting skills can take you!