Trapper education work group to meet in Polson on Jan. 5

KALISPELL — The group responsible for developing Montana’s new trapper education program is meeting Jan. 5 in Polson.

The meeting will start at 9 a.m. at the Red Lion Inn & Suites, 209 Ridgewater Drive. Members of the public are invited to attend. An opportunity for public input on the agenda items will be provided near the conclusion of the meeting.

This is the group’s second meeting to discuss the new education program that will be implemented in 2022.

The Montana Legislature passed Senate Bill 60 in 2021 to require a trapper education course for most people before they purchase a trapping license. The course will include instruction in trapping ethics, best practices, equipment, regulations, and how to avoid trapping non-target species. The main goal of the trapper education program is to impart the knowledge and skills to be an ethical, humane, responsible, legal, and safe trapper.

The work group includes three members of the public and three staff from Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks. Wayde Cooperider, FWP’s Outdoor Skills and Safety Supervisor, is facilitating the work group through this process.

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