Tri-State Reciprocity Weekend Wrap up

CONCORD, NH — Thousands of snowmobilers from Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire and beyond descended upon the trails of the North Country to enjoy the Tri-State Reciprocal Snowmobile Weekend (January 27-29), which allows snowmobiles legally registered in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont to operate on trails in all three states.

“Trail conditions were reported to be very good in most places in northern Coos County, and we were pleased to see that there was only one reported snowmobile accident all weekend, despite the heavy traffic volume,” said Major John Wimsatt, who oversees enforcement and safety education for Off-Highway Vehicle Recreational activities in New Hampshire. In another incident, a missing snowmobiler was discovered to be safe after spending the night out in the woods after getting stuck riding off trail from New Hampshire over the state line into the State of Maine.

“Recent snows in the North Country helped make for great trails, grooming and riding,” said Wimsatt. “While some riders were cited for speeding and various other violations, the vast majority of riders were very responsible and respectful.”

The annual Tri-State Reciprocal Snowmobile Weekend is a huge boost to businesses in northern New Hampshire and throughout the state. The event is considered one of New Hampshire’s largest snowmobiling weekends.

“While snow and trail conditions in the southern part of New Hampshire are currently considered marginal due to a relatively warm January, conditions in the North Country continue to provide good to great riding conditions. There are still several more weeks of great riding opportunities ahead,” said Wimsatt.

Wimsatt noted that the majority of New Hampshire’s snowmobile trails exist due to the generosity of cooperative private landowners. Respect their land and stay on designated trails. Please remember that riders may only operate on designated snowmobile trails or on lands for which they have received written landowner permission. Conservation Officers also remind riders that they should keep to the right of the trail, obey posted speed limits, and to use caution crossing any frozen bodies of water. Learn more about snowmobiling in New Hampshire, including regulations and opportunities for safety education classes, at