Tuckahoe WMA Lottery Application Period Now Open

Attention waterfowl hunters: The lottery period for New Jersey’s first managed waterfowl hunting program at the Tuckahoe Wildlife Management Area is now open. During the month of September, interested hunters may submit a lottery application to be eligible to be selected for one of six blind locations strategically deployed on the three impoundments located on the Cape May County side of the Tuckahoe River. Following the lottery application period, successful hunters will be notified of their awarded hunt days in early October via e-mail.

On the three impoundments on the Corbin City side of the Tuckahoe River, a less structured approach will allow hunters the flexibility to use the area as previously permitted, but within a limited schedule of hunt days.

Managed waterfowl hunting opportunities are a common practice across the country that seek to increase waterfowl use, reduce disturbance by limited hunting pressure and ultimately improve the overall quality of hunting. This unique opportunity comes following a $1 million habitat restoration project paid with federal funds (North American Waterfowl Conservation Act) and administered by Ducks Unlimited.