Turn your Christmas tree into Canyon Ferry fish habitat

HELENA – If you are a Helena area resident and have a Christmas tree that you are not sure what to do with, why not turn it into fish habit?

Each year Montana Fish, Wildlife & Park’s (FWP) Canyon Ferry Reservoir Pines for Perch project takes discarded trees from local communities and repurposes them into fish habitat for yellow perch in the reservoir. The trees are cabled together into large bundles which are heavily weighted and placed into the reservoir later in spring in hopes of perch using them as both habitat as well as a location to deposit their eggs.

For tree pickup information in the Helena area email Scout Troop 214 at troop214helena@gmail.com or contact the City of Helena Transfer Station at (406) 447-8084.

For more information on Pines for Perch, please contact FWP at (406) 495-3263.