Two yearling moose captured and removed from Pocatello

At approximately 10 am on Thursday, June 23, Idaho Department of Fish and Game received reports of two moose in the vicinity of Mountain View Cemetery on the south end of 5th Avenue in Pocatello.

Idaho Fish and Game personnel responded and were able to dart and transport the two moose to a more remote location in the region. Both moose were yearling females and appeared to be in good condition. It is not known if the moose were twins or simply traveling together, but yearling moose are often “kicked out” by the mothers this time of year as new calves are born.

Moose are quite often seen in the open spaces and benches to the west and south of Pocatello. However, sightings right in town are not as common and can be problematic. Moose can be defensive if people approach them, and these large animals can be a hazard to motorists. Fish and Game cautions the public to always give wildlife their space to avoid potentially dangerous encounters. Never attempt to approach, corral, or herd moose observed in town. Instead, contact Idaho Fish and Game for assistance.

Thursday’s moose report was the second in Pocatello this week. Fish and Game responded to a moose call in a neighborhood on the west bench two days earlier. In that case, the moose had already retreated to the open habitat situated behind the neighborhood by the time Fish and Game personnel arrived.