TWRA Supplies Commercial Fishermen With Gillnets

NASHVILLE — As part of a larger concerted effort by multiple state and federal agencies in the Ohio River Basin, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency has developed an Asian Carp Harvest Incentive Program (ACHIP).

As part of the new ACHIP program and while supplies last, commercial fisherman enrolled in ACHIP shall receive a one-time distribution of 15 TWRA-supplied gillnets from a contracted Wholesale Fish Dealer. A subsequent offering of TWRA-supplied gillnets will be distributed to commercial fisherman enrolled in ACHIP who harvest no less than 60,000 pounds in a 6-month period.

The ACHIP program was implemented on Sept. 18, 2018 and already through the month of November has reimbursed ACHIP-contracted wholesale fish dealers for 262,333 pounds of Asian carp.