Upland game bird hunters: return wings, tails for research

ROSEBURG, Ore – Successful Western Oregon forest grouse and mountain quail hunters are asked to donate a wing and tail of harvested birds for biological research.

Deposit wings and tails in bright blue collection barrels at major road junctions or highways in hunting areas, some ODFW offices, and popular rural markets. Barrels have paper bags to place one entire wing and whole tail (remove small rump feathers) and mark harvest date, county taken, and general location. Use one paper bag per wing/tail.

Each year, biologists hold a “wing bee” to examine each wing and tail and note species, hatch date, age, and sex. This information provides ratios of the populations and monitors the population health of Oregon’s forest grouse and mountain quail.

See an online map of barrel locations, or contact the ODFW office closest to your hunt.

Refer to the Game Bird Regulations for specific grouse and quail identification tips. It is illegal to shoot spruce grouse in Oregon.

Seasons run through Jan. 31, 2023.