USFWS approves statewide teal season for Nebraska

LINCOLN, Neb. – Nebraska will have a statewide teal hunting season on a full-time basis beginning in 2018.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) recently approved a September teal season in the northern part of the state, ending a four-year experimental season.

Since 2014, the USFWS has allowed Nebraska to have an experimental September teal season in northern Nebraska as long as hunters properly distinguished teal from other duck species. Hunters were monitored to determine the rate at which they shot at or harvested ducks other than teal.

“We want to commend hunters in northern Nebraska for doing a great job identifying ducks,” said Mark Vrtiska, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission waterfowl program manager. “Hunters passed the criteria set by the Fish and Wildlife Service. The season will be in place for the entire state as long as teal populations support a September teal season.”