Vermont Fish & Wildlife New Laws Enacted in 2022

The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department says three new hunting or trapping related laws passed by the Vermont Legislature during the 2022 session are going into effect.

Act No. 165 (S.281). An act relating to hunting coyotes with dogs
This act creates a moratorium on hunting coyotes with dogs, effective July 1, 2022, with some exceptions.

Act No. 110 (H.411). An act relating to the retrieval and use of covered wild animals
This act requires that hunters retrieve and use any legally harvested specimens of game or furbearer species, effective June 1, 2022.

Act No. 159 (S.201). An act relating to best management practices for trapping
This act requires the Fish and Wildlife Department to work with the Legislature and the Fish and Wildlife Board to establish best management practices that modernize trapping and improve the welfare of wildlife taken with the use of traps.