Wildlife Lands Coordinator job opening in Salt Lake County

Would you like to lead the Division of Wildlife Resources’ land and water assets program? The wildlife lands coordinator plays a key role in selecting properties for acquisition, exchange or disposal, ultimately negotiating the full array of real estate contracts and agreements related to wildlife lands. The coordinator supervises two full-time wildlife real estate specialists, and provides overall land and water management support and expertise to regional staff as well as to agency leadership. The successful candidate will work for an assistant chief in the Habitat Program, overseeing administration of all Division-owned lands and waters.

Principal duties

As a wildlife lands coordinator, you will:

Lead the Division’s statewide program for acquiring, selling or exchanging lands and waters for wildlife benefits.

Supervise two wildlife professionals who work as real estate specialists, and promote their successful career paths.

Assess and decide the outcome of proposed third-party uses of Division lands, as rights-of-way, easements or leases.

Write technical reports, grant proposals or related materials based on research, investigation or analysis.

Manage administrative payments-in-lieu-of taxes to the 29 counties of Utah, and oversee the Division’s grazing lease programs.

Manage budgets for realty services and land acquisitions, configuring requests for additional funds when needed.
The ideal candidate

The ideal candidate for this position will have:

Professional experience working directly with the real estate administration of lands for natural resource-oriented purposes.

A deep attachment to the outdoors and to natural landscapes, whether or not they personally hunt or fish.

Good interpersonal and relationship skills; demonstrated success dealing with all kinds of people in diverse situations.

Excellent writing and communication skills in business or government-agency settings.

A strong work ethic, balanced with a healthy view of the importance of quiet time, relaxation and recreation with friends and family.

A personal tendency toward excellence, with the ability to demonstrate successful achievements in their past work and education.