Wisconsin wingshooting clinic offers path to expertise

A wingshooting clinic at the Maribel Sportsman’s Club on Saturday, Aug. 11, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. will help participants become proficient in the “art or practice of shooting at birds in flight.” Originally set for April, it was rescheduled because of a spring blizzard.

The workshop, designed and sponsored by the Department of Natural Resources, is taught by volunteer instructors from the Green Bay Duck Hunters Association. The clinic, to be held at the Maribel Sportsman’s clubhouse at State 147 and I-43, is designed to help bird hunters improve their hunting skills by learning to:

improve their wingshooting technique using the proven “swing through” method;
estimate range to target “on the fly”; and
choose the best gun, choke and (cost efficient) ammo combinations.

By learning these skills, participants will:

improve their hunting experience;
reduce the number of wounded or lost game birds;
enhance positive hunter ethics; and
foster a better appreciation of wildlife resources.

The cost of the workshop is $25 and pre-registration is required. Participants must have a basic understanding of shotgun shooting, loading and unloading. Game bird hunting and shotgun wingshooting experience is not required, but would be beneficial. Clay targets, along with 12 and 20 gauge steel shot, will be provided at no additional charge for all wingshooting exercises.

To register visit the DNR’s Go Wild website and browse upcoming classes. Select Advanced Shotgun (Wingshooting) and Manitowoc County. You may also contact Tom Bahti at 920-737-5294 or bahtie@yahoo.com. More information at: /education/outdoorSkills/wingshooting.html.