Women’s trap shooting clinic

GREEN RIVER — Trap shooting is a fun way to become more familiar with guns while enjoying time with friends. It’s also a sport enjoyed by many women throughout Utah.

The Division of Wildlife Resources will host a free Women’s Trap Shooting Clinic on Saturday, May 19, in Green River. The clinic will include introductory hands-on tutorials on shotguns, as well as time at the shooting range. It’s a perfect opportunity for women who have little or no experience at trap shooting as well as those who want to take their shooting abilities to the next level.

“Shooting clay pigeons out of the sky can be challenging. But, with the right form and a little practice, everyone has what it takes to get good at it,” says Walt Maldonado, the DWR’s Wildlife Recreation specialist in southeastern Utah.

The classroom portion of the clinic will be held from 10 a.m. to noon at the Green River City Hall, 460 E. Main St. After lunch, you can put your skills to the test at the Green River Shooting Sports Park, east of town. Guns and ammunition will be provided, but if you have a shotgun and ammunition, feel free to bring it.

Participation is limited to the first 20 women, ages 12 or older, who register online. Participants must provide their registration tickets at the door. For more information, call Maldonado at 435-820-8147.