Wyoming grizzly bear hunting season suspended

Cheyenne – In response to a federal judge’s ruling, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department has suspended the grizzly bear hunting season pending further direction.

“This is unfortunate. Game and Fish has a robust grizzly bear management program with strong regulations, protections and population monitoring for grizzly bears. We believe in state-led management of wildlife and involving the public in decisions like the creation and implementation of a conservative hunting opportunity for those who want that experience,” said Scott Talbott, director of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. “We will now await further information about whether the bears will remain under state management or if they go back to federal management.”

At this time, Game and Fish will continue to lead grizzly bear management, research, monitoring, conflict mitigation and education, but this judge’s ruling shuts down the planned 2018 grizzly bear hunting season scheduled to begin September 1.

Questions related to the review of the judge’s decision will be handled by the Wyoming Attorney General’s Office.

Game and Fish has already been notifying all of the people who have been issued a 2018 grizzly bear hunting license that the hunt is suspended at this time.