Wyoming Super Tag raffle raises $913,550 for wildlife conservation

Cheyenne – The Wyoming Game and Fish Department Super Tag raffle generated $913,550 in sales this year for conservation, a win-win for both hunters and wildlife. The program, created by Governor Matt Mead and the Wyoming Legislature in 2013, gives hunters the opportunity to pursue the state’s game and trophy animals while raising money for wildlife management in Wyoming. The program has raised $3.7 million since its inception.

“Funds generated from Super Tag sales are a benefit hunters and wildlife alike. Super Tag sales contribute to the Game and Fish general fund that helps pay for projects like the Wyoming Mule Deer Initiative, big game migration corridor designations and chronic wasting disease monitoring,” said Talbott. “Thank you, hunters, for supporting Wyoming’s wildlife.”

Twelve hunters received a call from Wyoming Game and Fish Department Director Scott Talbott that each won a 2018 Super Tag. Each year ten raffle winners get a chance to hunt for bighorn sheep, moose, mountain goat, elk, wild bison, deer, pronghorn, black bear, grey wolf and mountain lion. One Super Tag Trifecta winner gets to to choose any three of these hunts. The eleventh hunter is awarded a gear package with top-of-the-line hunting equipment and apparel.

This year, 70,145 tickets were sold across species, and 11 percent increase since last year. This year, the winners of the trifecta, moose, mountain goat, wild bison, black bear, and mountain lion Super Tags all purchase just one ticket for these species. The elk winner only purchased two tickets.

The 2018 winners are:

Super Tag Trifecta: William Fritz, Pennsylvania
Pronghorn: Charles Monson, Jr., North Dakota
Deer: Jared Gross, California
Elk: John Byerly, Wyoming
Bighorn Sheep: Jason Peatross, Utah
Black Bear: Ronald Duke, Texas
Grey Wolf: Blake Parks, Wyoming
Moose: Ben Howard, Utah
Mountain Goat: Kevin Kelleher, New Mexico
Mountain Lion: Tom Ford, Wyoming
Wild Bison: Justin Jayo, Idaho
Ultimate Gear Package: Joseph Wallender, Texas

“I’m absolutely thrilled to win a Super Tag,” said Ben Howard, 2018 moose Super Tag winner. “It’s a no-lose situation to support Wyoming’s wildlife management and a chance to hunt moose, a hunt I have been interested in for a long time.”