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Wyoming wild bison application period now open

Cheyenne – Wild bison hunters can prepare to submit their applications for the 2018 season. The application period opened Feb. 1 and runs through Feb. 28 for resident and nonresident hunters. Draw results will be available by May 10.

Wild bison licenses are allocated through a random draw for residents and nonresidents. Hunters who are looking for area information and drawing odds can find out more information on the Game and Fish Hunt Planner.

Because this is such a unique hunt there are rules in place that dictate who can apply for and receive a wild bison license. This is to increase the opportunity for individuals to hunt wild bison. Here is an overview of the rules:

Hunters may apply for a Type 1-Any Bison or a Type 4-Cow/Calf license.

Harvesting a bull on a Type 1 license is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and hunters who do so are not allowed to apply for future Type 1 licenses.

Applicants who harvested a cow/calf under a Type 1 license may apply for a Type 1 next year, but are not eligible to apply for a Type 4 license for five years.

Hunters who harvest a cow/calf on a Type 4 license are not eligible to apply for a Type 1 or Type 4 license for five years.

Hunters who have questions regarding the wild bison license application process or their eligibility to apply for a wild bison license should contact the Jackson region office at (307) 733 -2321

Hunters who have questions about their applications can call (307) 777-4600.